Cutting cable — UPDATE!

We cut our cable several months ago, and I am so glad we decided to give it a try.  My bill used to be around $175 a month!!  Now, our bills for streaming are around $38 a month, plus I got Amazon Prime.  I got it for several reasons though, and the streaming video was just one reason.  We subscibe to Netflix, Hulu, and Slingtv.  I was worried that the kids would miss having cable most, but they haven’t even cared.  They actually don’t even watch television much anymore and stick to movies or video games for entertainment.

Are you thinking of cutting out cable?  I encourage you to give it a try.  The only downside is that we have to wait a day later to watch some of our shows, but since we rarely watch something at its scheduled time, it didn’t really matter to us.  It is basically like having the dvr box with cable.  Plus, we have watched so many series that we had never heard of.  The best part is being able to watch entire seasons at once, and not having to wait a week for the next episode.

Wondering what to do?  Go buy a roku from any electronics department.  Hook it up and subscribe to Netflix and Hulu.  Those are must haves.  You can also get other channels free on the Roku, too.  My kids love the Pokemontv so they can watch cartoons.  One month of your cable bill should pay for the Roku, so what have you got to lose?  A cable bill!!  Unless you are a couch potato tv junkie, I promise you will love it!

Here’s more info on Roku!

You can get netflix by going to   Plans start at $7.99/mo.  I pay $11.99 for the 4 screen package which includes: Watch on 4 screens at a time. HD and Ultra HD available. Download videos on 4 phones or tablets.

Hulu offers lots of television series and starts at $7.99 a month.  There are also some exclusive series that you can’t find anywhere else!  They also have a free trial!

SlingTV  offers live television, so you can watch lots of your favorite channels just as you would with regular cable.  There is also some on demand content in case you miss the live viewing.  This is how we get our “Walking Dead” fix.  I also enjoy watching several History Channel shows and the kids enjoy Cartoon Network.  There are a couple of packages to get that start at $20.  You can also sign up for some premium channels like HBO.

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UPDATE—-  It has now been well over a year since we ditched cable.  I am still soooo happy with streaming television.  There have been some improvements since I posted as well.  I have upgraded one of my tvs to the Amazon Fire Stick and love that it connects with my Amazon Echo Dot.  Check that combo out if you haven’t heard of it.  I love being able to ask Alexa all sorts of things like the weather, latest news, or even a joke.  The kids enjoy it, too.  Also, we have switched from Sling TV to DirecTV Now, which is just in the last week or so.  I haven’t decided if I like it better or not, but Sling made me really made when I missed half of the season premiere of The Walking Dead, so they got booted.  Don’t mess with my Negan time, SlingTV!

Also, there is some really good information over at The Simple Dollar that was shared with me recently, so I’m going to just leave this link right here.  Good luck with cutting out cable and saving your money!!!

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