Organizing Craft Spaces

Crafting Hoarder here…….  I love craft supplies and keep everything with hopes I can use it one day.

Here’s what I want to know…. How do you keep up with it all? Do you have craft rooms, spaces here and there throughout your house (<–That’s me), or are you one of those lucky ducks with a “She” Shed? I absolutely hate that term, but you know what I’m talking about.

So, in hopes to find some brilliant new ideas to store my crafty materials (cricut, vinyl, beads, crochet, lettering….. the list goes on and on), I have compiled some of my favorite finds. Maybe we can get better organized and spend more time on making whirly-bobs and thinga-ma-jigs.

Do you have a spare closet you can turn into a Craft Closet?  If you are lucky enough to answer “yes” to that question, I want to know…. where do you hide all your extra junk?  My house is very short on closets, so I don’t have this option.  The closets we have are full of clothes, shoes, extra pillows, boxes of preschool art, and other random junk.  I don’t have a hall closet or extra space for other stuff.  I wish I did though, because I love the Craft Closet ideas I found over at IHeart Organizing.  Seriously, the pictures are eye candy for the craft obsessed.  There is a perfect place for everything from wrapping paper to balls of yarn.  I’m green with envy.

Find a corner in your living room, an unused wall in the den, somewhere you can put a desk, maybe a shelf or two.  You have an instant craft space.  All it takes is a little imagination.  You can use just one wall unit, or make an L-shaped desk.  Decorate it to match the room to camouflage your crafting desk.  Hiding your materials in baskets or drawers cleans up the work area, so no one will ever know you sat there til midnight gluing googly eyes on a wreath for Halloween.  Instead it appears that you have a nice, clean spot to pay bills and answer your email list.  Here are some great links and pictures for inspiration.

  Okay, you have really hit the jackpot here.  If you have an unused shed or storage building outside, you better run and claim it for your craft haven before your husband loads in fishing gear or makes it a car shop.  I would absolutely love to have a separate space like this for all of my DIY projects and supplies.  Crafting time would be awesome time in one of these.  Check these out!

Little Yellow Bicycle