My review of Disney Circle

Who wishes there was a big OFF button on your wifi?  ME!! *raising hand*  Now there is something even better and it is called Disney Circle.  Now, let me just go ahead and put this here:

Disclaimer:  I am in no way a technology guru.  This is solely my opinion based on using the product and nothing else.

Okay, so now that you know I am not working in Silicon Valley, let me tell you about this wonderful little box that lets me rule my house like the Queen of wifi!  Seriously though, I needed a way to punish my kids when they are being unruly, and if yours are anything like mine, taking away the worldwide web will do it!  I got tired of saying, “Give me your phone, ipad, kindle, etc.”  Now, with a little app on my phone, I can revoke internet privileges in a flash.  I can also control when they go to bed since there is a special bedtime setting that turns it off and tells them “It’s your bedtime”.  I LOVE IT!!!

I ordered my Circle on Amazon here.  It was 99 bucks and here in a couple days thanks to Prime.  You set up each person in your house and then link the electronics that belong to them.  You can set a limit to how long they can use particular apps a day, set bedtimes, turn off all internet with one swipe, and so much more.  It looks like they are going to have a reward system in place, but it is not there just yet, where you can award time for chores and such.  I haven’t delved too deeply in it, but I love that I can control when and how long they have internet usage.

And another huge plus, is there is a parental control feature.  When you set up the user on Circle, you pick if they are a child, teen, or adult.  There are different filter settings based on each.  I haven’t tested it out to see if it actually works, but I plan to sit down with my son’s kindle and do some searches to see what happens.


I almost forgot….you can pull up their history!  Now, it isn’t really detailed (like it doesn’t show the actual website they were on) but it shows that they were on YouTube for 2 hours, and playing a game for an hour, etc.   That is a great way to see what they are doing without being extremely snoopy.  Let’s face it, we parents are going to search those histories every now and then on the device anyway.  I know I do.  There is way too much information out there!  Some parents don’t let their children on the internet without them being right there with them. But I am going to be honest here,  I ain’t got time for that!  It’s not that I don’t think it is important, though.

Share with me how you control your children’s internet habits.  I would love to hear it!  Tell me if you have Disney Circle, and if I am missing out on some key features!  I absolutely love this thing and would welcome some tips.


Walmart Grocery Pickup – You must try it today!

A while back, I saw friends that live elsewhere posting about picking up their groceries at Walmart and how awesome ot was.  I WAS SO JEALOUS! I thought we would never get that grocery pickup service at our store because they could barely keep the shelves stocked, much less shop for people!  Well much to my surprise and disbelief, I went to Walmart one day and lo and behold, orange “Pickup” signs and special parking spaces!  I waited a few weeks before I tried it out so they could work out the kinks.

If your store has this service, go right now and setup an account!  Get the app on your phone and start filling up your cart.  Use this link right here!  I get a little referral credit when you do!  You can set up your own referral and tell all your friends about it, too!

So, how does it work?  Okay, so you can login to the website or use the app.  You just search for the items you need and add it to your cart.  Once you get to $30.00, go ahead and reserve your pickup time.  That is going to vary by location, but for example, my store is about 4 days out.  So, yesterday (a Thursday) I started my cart and the first available pickup was on Monday.  You just have to plan ahead and start your order early.  The best part about it is that you don’t have to know everything you are going to need right then.  Once you have your time reserved, you can add more things to your cart up until a few hours before you pickup.

I have to tell you that I was very skeptical about ordering produce, meat, and dairy items.  I am picky about choosing my meat and produce.  And dairy items, I always look for the one that has the date furthest out.  Well, the first order I placed, I bit the bullet and ordered several things just so I could see how they did.  I was very pleased with it.  Another great feature is being able to check the box for “Substitute items”.  Say for example that you order Sam’s Choice cream cheese, and when they go to pull your order, they are out of it on the shelf.  If you have the box checked, they will pull a similar, but better brand for you.  You pay the same price as the Sam’s Choice brand!  The guy that brought my groceries out said they never substitute for a lower priced brand.  They always try to do same or better.  Now, if they are out of an item and you don’t have the boxed checked, then they don’t pull anything and it gets deducted from your order.  That is a nice feature because there are some things that I wouldn’t mind switching out, but some I really am brand loyal.

So, that’s really all there is to it.  You place your order online and arrive during your pickup time and park in the designated area.  You can checkin on the app to let them know you are there or call the number on the sign.  They come out and load your groceries for you, tell you about any out of stock items or substitutions and you are on your way.  It is the easiest and quickest grocery shopping I have ever done, especially at Walmart.  Give it a try and let me know what you think!!

Also, if you meal plan, this is absolutely awesome.  You can plan out your menu and check your kitchen to see what you need so you don’t buy things you already have.  Add your ingredients to your cart and pickup!  HOLY GROCERY SHOPPING BATMAN!  It truly is a game changer.

Meal Planning Made Simple

Hallway Drop Zone DIY

I have had a hallway that is right beside my door to the garage that i have wanted to do something with.  My kids needed a drop zone for backpacks and jackets, so I had to find a good way to handle that. After searching for inspiration, I found this picture on Pinterest.

It looked very similar to my hallway and just what I needed.  I sent my husband to Lowe’s for a board, screws and stain.  I went to Hobby Lobby and found hooks (on sale for half off) and a nice sign.

We cut and stained the board outside in the garage, then took it in to screw into the studs.  We mounted the hooks on studs as well, so that the weight from backpacks would be supported.  Last, we hung the sign, and Whalaaa!  Drop zone complete!

You will notice that I didn’t do a shelf.  My hallway is too narrow for that, so I got hooks that pointed up instead of out, too.  I didn’t want to feel like I would run into it.  I really love it though.  We hang jackets, purses, whatever we need to have closeby the door.  Pretty and functional!