Hallway Drop Zone DIY

I have had a hallway that is right beside my door to the garage that i have wanted to do something with.  My kids needed a drop zone for backpacks and jackets, so I had to find a good way to handle that. After searching for inspiration, I found this picture on Pinterest.

It looked very similar to my hallway and just what I needed.  I sent my husband to Lowe’s for a board, screws and stain.  I went to Hobby Lobby and found hooks (on sale for half off) and a nice sign.

We cut and stained the board outside in the garage, then took it in to screw into the studs.  We mounted the hooks on studs as well, so that the weight from backpacks would be supported.  Last, we hung the sign, and Whalaaa!  Drop zone complete!

You will notice that I didn’t do a shelf.  My hallway is too narrow for that, so I got hooks that pointed up instead of out, too.  I didn’t want to feel like I would run into it.  I really love it though.  We hang jackets, purses, whatever we need to have closeby the door.  Pretty and functional!