Crochet isn’t just for grandmas!

I am here to tell you that Crochet is not just for your grandmas anymore!  I have found a new hobby that I absolutely love.  I actually started teaching myself to crochet early last year, and I have completed so many projects this year.  I tend to stick with blankets because they are just a big square, so it’s hard to mess that up.  However, I have done a couple sweaters and scarves as well.  I even did a plaid pillow cover to match my Christmas tree this year. 

Is this something you have always wanted to learn?  Let me tell you it is easier than it looks.  There are so many wonderful Youtube channels out there that can teach you the basics of crochet.  I had no idea what I was doing, and while I could have gotten my grandmother to teach me (She has been an avid crocheter for years.) , teaching myself with tutorials was easier to do on my own time.  And I could watch the same video over and over and no one would get impatient with me.  Except for me.  

I suggest checking out some channels and learn some basic stitches before tackling anything too detailed.  My very first project was a blanket using large yarn (bulky weight) and doing simple double crochet over and over.  It took about a month of working on it a little here and there.  Now, I have completed 6 blankets, 2 sweaters, a few scarves, a hat, and a pillow cover.

Here are some great links for you to check out!

Bella Coco

Wool and the Gang

Melanie Ham

Crochet Crowd

Check out some of my crochet projects!  Please check my instagram for more great projects!