Crochet isn’t just for grandmas!

I am here to tell you that Crochet is not just for your grandmas anymore!  I have found a new hobby that I absolutely love.  I actually started teaching myself to crochet early last year, and I have completed so many projects this year.  I tend to stick with blankets because they are just a big square, so it’s hard to mess that up.  However, I have done a couple sweaters and scarves as well.  I even did a plaid pillow cover to match my Christmas tree this year. 

Is this something you have always wanted to learn?  Let me tell you it is easier than it looks.  There are so many wonderful Youtube channels out there that can teach you the basics of crochet.  I had no idea what I was doing, and while I could have gotten my grandmother to teach me (She has been an avid crocheter for years.) , teaching myself with tutorials was easier to do on my own time.  And I could watch the same video over and over and no one would get impatient with me.  Except for me.  

I suggest checking out some channels and learn some basic stitches before tackling anything too detailed.  My very first project was a blanket using large yarn (bulky weight) and doing simple double crochet over and over.  It took about a month of working on it a little here and there.  Now, I have completed 6 blankets, 2 sweaters, a few scarves, a hat, and a pillow cover.

Here are some great links for you to check out!

Bella Coco

Wool and the Gang

Melanie Ham

Crochet Crowd

Check out some of my crochet projects!  Please check my instagram for more great projects!

Project Life – Easy Albums with lots of Scrapbook Style

I have recently gotten a MAMBI Happy Planner and entered the planner realm.  That is a whole other post that I am preparing for you, so  watch for lots of information and things I’ve learned thus far.  So, the other day while at JoAnn checking out what they had for my planner, I stumbled upon this wonderful thing called Project Life.  I don’t know how I missed the boat on this, and I’m shocked that I haven’t heard anything about it.  In case you don’t know what it is or have never heard of it, I’m here to fill you in.  Project Life is this wonderful system for making photo albums.  I used to scrapbook back in the day (raise your hand if you hoarded stickers and die cuts like me), but I haven’t picked up a scrapbook in quite some time.  I went crazy with it when my daughter was a baby (almost 12 years ago), so she has two very nicely decorated scrapbooks.  Fast forward 5 years when my son was born and guess what?  He doesn’t have the first photo album.  Yes, I’m a bad mom.

So, what do I do with photos now?  Well there are a lot on my phone and computer.  Facebook. etc….. Our electronic devices make it so easy to snap a picture and never print it out.  Well, I’m not doing it anymore since Project Life came into my world.  I cannot wait to show you my first album.  I plan to spend a good bit of time over this weekend finding all my photos, which are scattered all around the house (school pictures, baseball, etc.  – Ones that I had to order printed) and pulling together a few pages.  I also will need to print some from my phone and computer, but Walgreens or CVS can print photos for you from their website pretty cheaply, or I can always print at home.  However, my printer isn’t all that great, so I plan to stick with a printing service.

What is this wonderful thing, you ask?  It is a photo album system called Pocket Scrapbooking, just for people that want cutesy scrapbooks, but don’t have the time or want-to to put it all together.  Or maybe you don’t want to go out and buy paper and stickers, and all the things you would need to create cute pages.  *RAISES HAND*  That’s totally me.  Project Life steps in and gives you albums with clear pages that have pockets in different layouts and sizes.  All you do is stick in your photos and some cute cards.  And Bam!  Cute page with minimal effort.  You can even get a sealer that will seal up the pockets so no pictures come sliding out when your kids want to take a look at their baby pics.

What do you have to buy?   An album, the clear pages, and cute cards that can also be journal cards (you write stuff about the pictures).  That really is all you need.  Of course there are a ton of styles for the albums and cards, but that’s good because you won’t get bored with it.  Have some great holiday photos at Christmas?  Get some cute cards with a holly jolly theme and you have awesome pages!  Where can you buy this awesomeness?  Well, I got started at JoAnn and spent only $34 for an album, a big box of pages, and a small pack of the cards.  It usually isn’t that inexpensive, but they had 40% off all papercrafting, and I had a $10 coupon from the website.  You can also grab these at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.  I also learned that there are a few other brands out there that are interchangeable with Project Life, so you have more choices for the cards.

I’m going to leave the website for you to peruse, and I’ll be back with some pages to show you next week!!

Project Life®


Hobby Journal – Planning Your Hobbies on Paper

How many hobbies do you have? I am an arts and crafts type of gal. I love making things. Some may be useful, some may just be plain fun to make. Do you pin things to boards everyday in hopes that one day you will make it? ME TOO! I feel like I need to de-clutter my Pinterest boards sometimes. So, with that in mind, not only do we need to de-clutter our physical hobby spaces, but also our mental ones or digital ones.
Enter new idea: (or new to me)
Has anyone started a hobby journal? Did you even know there was such a thing? I really hadn’t ever thought about it, but I love the idea of having a journal and would love to take up that habit. I am not a habitual person in that I have hard time doing things everyday automatically. In fact, my habit is not making habits. ha!  I get frustrated with myself because I have several blank journals lying around that had good intentions, but never really stuck with it.   But with a hobby journal, it’s not really something I have to do everyday, just maybe every now and then when I run across something fantastic that I don’t want to forget.

So, this hobby journal may just help with whittling down my many ideas tucked away here and there, and I could actually see them in one place. Doesn’t that sound marvelous?! You can print out pictures of things, jot down ideas, or keep lists of items you need to buy. I tend to overwhelm myself when I start outlining my upcoming weekends, and then by the time it’s here, I am not really doing much of anything because I lacked planning. I enjoy my hobbies.. that’s why we have them right? They bring you joy. Sitting at home on Sunday night wishing I had done this or that does not bring me joy.

First step of creating a hobby journal:  Don’t make it a hobby.  I laughed when I typed that because that’s exactly what I’d normally do.  I’d get excited to go to the craft store and get cute pens and stickers, and wham!  Another hobby.  NOOOOOO!  I will not do that.  This is supposed to help with all that.  Resist the urge for glitter pens, and just grab a notebook or one of those blank journals you never used.  Start by making a list of your hobbies.  Next, make a page of each one.  Now, when you find a picture of a great necklace you want to make for yourself, print a picture of it and jot down the website on your “Jewelry” page.  Or, if you happen across a quote that would be cute for a shirt that you could make with vinyl, jot down the quote on your “Cricut” page.

Second step of using a hobby journal:  Don’t write down everything you see!!  This is another hard one for me because I like so many things and think I’ll make that one day.  Truthfully, I never will.  So, limit yourself when it comes time to put something in the journal.  Only include things you truly will want to look at one day.  Don’t put so many ideas in there that you overwhelm yourself and throw the book in the trash.  Maybe only choose things that you want to make within the next month or two.  If it’s months before Christmas, don’t put in homemade ornament ideas because you know you aren’t going to want to make those for a while.

So, I think that is enough to get us started.  I would love to hear if you use a hobby journal and have some great tips for me.  Please comment here or send me an email.




Super Cute Valentine Boxes for School

Do you make Valentine’s for your kids?  Do they take boxes to collect them at school?

My son is in first grade and they have a Valentine party in his class.  I’m sure you all have made a Valentine box at some point.  This will be my 5th or 6th box to make, as I’ve helped my daughter in elementary school as well.  It is always so fun to pick what type box they want to take with them to school for all their classmates to put Valentines in.  My son is very much opposite my daughter, and he said “Surprise me, Mom.”  My daughter, of course, had to have her say in what her theme would be, and we would have to make or buy matching Valentines for her to pass out.   I like the laid back attitude my son has.  He just goes with the flow, and I get to be as creative as I want.  So, I decided it was time to find some ideas for this box.  Here are some super cute ones I’ve found.  Maybe they will help your kids choose what they want, or they will help you decide what you want to make for them.

  1.  Pete the Cat   I love these books and this Pete box is terrific!  Check it out on

    Valentine Box – Pete the Cat
  2. Batmobile   We love superheroes and Batman at our house.  This box is sure to be a hit  with little boys!
    Minecraft Creeper


    3.  Minecraft Creeper   My son loves Minecraft so much that he watches his favorite Youtubers play the game almost daily.  They love to play hide and seek in Minecraft worlds.  This creeper box is a high contender for his Valentine’s Box.    Check it out over at raysofbliss!

    4.  Pokemon themed  Okay, I admit it.  I am a Pokemon fan along with my kids.  The amount of money we have spend on cards is insane.  This is probably my top choice.

    Pokemon Valentine Box




So these are my top picks for this year.  Stay tuned for a picture of the one we choose to make!  xoxo


UPDATE!!  Here’s the box I made!


Crochet – My newest hobby

My grandmother has crocheted since before I was even born, and she would give us sweaters, little animals, blankets, you name it while I was growing up. I never fully appreciated the amount of time she put into those items until now. I have been teaching myself to crochet this last month. How, you ask? YouTube! Yep, it is the best class you can find. You can pause and replay over and over until you get it, and you don’t have to bug someone else to show you something a hundred times.

I am finishing up my first blanket, and I’m pretty impressed with how well I’ve done. I chose to do a simple stitch over and over for the blanket, and so it is not too hard for a beginner. Bernat blanket yarn is what I used and it is so soft and comes in lots of colors. I think I’ve used about 7 or 8 balls of yarn, and that’s about $60 or so. A little expensive, but I wanted to like my first project a lot, so I got the yarn I really wanted. Had I gone with a cheaper one, it would’ve been half the cost. My next project is blankets for my kids. They want to pick out their own yarn, so it should be a fun project.


Here are some great resources if you want to learn about crochet, too! I’d love to see your projects and patterns!

Bella Coco – great youtube tutorials