Fashion Update – My Must Haves for Warmer Weather

I am not a fashion guru.  Let me repeat this.  I am not super stylish and certainly don’t claim to keep up with the latest trends.  My mommy fashion goals are to try to look my age, stay well covered, and look somewhat like I know what’s up.  So, with that warning in place, I wanted to do a fashion update.  This is a list of items I really want to add to my closet this Spring/Summer.  I hope it gives you some great ideas to start your warm weather wardrobe off right!

  •  New Sandals   – I don’t wear anything but sandals or flip flops when the weather  allows, so I really want to amp up my selection for this year.  I have some oldies that have seen better days, so I think it’s time to treat the feet.
  • Distressed Jeans  – These are super in style right now because I am seeing them everywhere I look.  I don’t want super ripped up jeans because they would kick my OCD into overdrive, but I would like some distressed jeans for super casual days.

  • Sheer sweater  – Sweaters are not for the hot weather of the South where I live, but the kind I’m talking about is the mesh-like, real hole-y kind.  I don’t like sleeveless tops much these days because I feel like my arms look pale and fatty, so I’d like one to wear with cute tanks or sleeveless tops so I feel less self-conscious.
  • Colored Cropped Pants  – I love great pastels for this, think coral and mint.  Pair with a cute top and sandals and you feel like you are ready for cruising.  That’s what it makes me think of anyways.

  • Tan handbag  – I need something to carry all season long.  Something that goes with everything and holds all my doo-dads.


  • Kimonos  –  I am not usually a floral loving person when it comes to clothes.  But, I am loving the flowy kimonos in tropical prints that give off a boho vibe.